Our goal is to create an intercultural collaborative environment for youth from the Western Cape.
We seek to create a nation of positive leaders and women by improving opportunities for all youth from the Western Cape to participate in positive life-changing initiatives.


FRUIT(N)ATION’s plan is to execute its mandate to create possibilities to enable our youth within the Western Cape of varied backgrounds and disciplines to have access to development skills as part of job creation and poverty eradication, in particular the marginalized communities. Our development skills have among other things been used to train young people in skills such as youth facilitation, goal setting, life skills, business skills and social responsibility. In addition, FRUIT(N)ATION have partnered with various government departments and NGO’s to further train young people to bring about positive change in their respective communities with skills and confidence.

Our youth empowerment strategies are focused on increasing levels of sport and recreation participation as well as achieving success in our planned Youth at Risk programmes. Our Youth Empowerment Programmes and recreational activities are rapidly gaining recognition as simple, lowcost, and effective means of achieving development goals.

We have adopted a series of resolutions on Sport for Development, Peace and intercultural collaborations amongst our youth in the Western Cape. Our Youth Empowerment Projects at community level are increasingly being used in a wide variety of ways to promote social inclusion, prevent conflict, and to enhance peace within and among our youth from our diverse communities in the Western Cape.

Flagship Projects:

  • YWISE™ – ‘Young Women Inspiring Social Engagement’
  • Goal-Setting
  • Bullying Curriculum and Campaigns
  • PEACEJAM ‘Youth Empowerment Programme’
  • Fruit(n)ation Studios ‘music’ development programme